Hello loves,

Let’s talk about how we can find JOY in ourselves.

How many feelings do we have in a day? I’m ready for a majority of them to be positive! Confidence, happiness, excitement, to have energy and focus and start being our true selves.

Let’s kick depression, loneliness, sluggishness, sadness, frustration, anxiety, and self-doubt OUT!

Through self-awareness and self-care we can beat these emotions that we struggle with.

My passion for making a connection with you sweet friend comes from struggling for years with career confusion, depression, feelings of loneliness, and low confidence. Then I busted through to self-awareness, wellness, and wholeness.

Through food, sleep, self-care, and conversations, I know you can find that joy within to shine daily. I’m here to help. On this site, you can find my stories and encouragements on my blog, healthy meal ideas on the recipes tab and coming soon: courses and one-on-one coaching opportunities.

xoxo, mimi

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Paleo and Whole30

Simple and Tasty

These recipes are super easy to make and include healthy, whole ingredients to encourage wellness in your every day life. All recipes are Paleo and most are Whole30 compliant.


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